The Q24 Gallery


Quickstep 24 owners have really stepped up to help one another.  To make that entire process easier, here is a gallery dedicated to 24 owners and the pictures they want to share.  If you have pictures you want to add here, email them to and I’ll try to post them as soon as possible.  Clicking on an image will open a full size copy.

Boothbay Harbor, home to It’s Never Too Late

Bruce Hall shows us how pretty a 24 can be under sail.  Thanks, Bruce!

IMG_1714 first sail 10
IMG_1671 first sail 4

A Dodger on a 24.

In response to an inquiry about mounting a dodger on a 24, Michael Lehman sent us a couple of pictures of Quintessence.  Pretty boat and the dodger looks great.

Pretty Penny of Deer Isle, Maine

David Goding recently sent this picture of his 24, Pretty Penny.  He wonders if there are any other 24s in the area.  Pretty Penny is one of the few 24s equipped with a 9hp Yanmar.  David has been busy upgrading the boat’s interior and wiring.

Bruce Herman writes about a modification to Aurelia’s stern.

“The previous owner cut this slot and built the mount. I know he used it while delivering the boat, but I am not sure what motors it can and cannot accommodate. I thought he did a nice job. I am still hoping to repair the 1gm10 inboard and only use this mount for a backup.”