Month: June 2021

A Beautiful Start to the Season

Enough of the pictures of grey skies! Here is Egg Harbor on the bay of Green Bay. This is a view to the north and in the distance you can see Chambers Island. These waters are our daysailing paradise and we’ve already enjoyed a couple of great sails. Egg Harbor is also a popular stop for visiting sailors who take advantage of a secure anchorage with perfect access to the village and all it has to offer. This will be the spot for our Fourth of July fireworks. Can’t wait!

Let’s get out there and enjoy a sail!

Sarah in the Egg Harbor, Wisconsin marina

Winter has finally left Door County. Tourists and summer residents have returned (big time), and the marina is sold out once again. Fortunately, Lake Michigan is 18 inches shallower this year (but still 18 inches above average), so there is plenty of water, but not too much. We even have beaches again!

With great conditions, Covid on the run and life returning to near-normal, it looks like it’s going to be a great sailing season.

Thanks to all of you who are using this site to exchange information. Don’t forget to send pictures or stories of your summertime boating adventures. Have a great and safe summer!