Month: July 2016

It’s Sailing Season


The weather has warmed up and the season is finally underway.  You can really tell how deep Lake Michigan is this year- four feet higher than in 2013.  The bass fishermen are complaining that the fish have moved from their old haunts and are apparently seeking new spots that aren’t so deep.  So the fishing has been a bit slow.  The guys tell me they’ll eventually find the fish and get back to the normally great bass fishing we have here on the peninsula.   I hope they do.

We enjoyed the Fourth of July weekend sailing with friends from Japan, visiting with family, and watching Egg Harbor’s terrific fireworks display from our dock in the marina.  The weather was perfect.  Mid 70’s and 6 to 8 knots of wind.  It could not have been better!

By the way, I am very happy to see so much discussion taking place on our Q24 page.  If any of you would like to post a picture or two, email them to me and I’ll upload them.  It would be nice to watch a few of our 24’s at sea.  They are too beautiful to remain unseen.