Month: April 2020

Best Wishes to Everyone!



In the spring, I’m usually filled with the anticipation of another terrific sailing season.  As  the two of us remain hunkered down doing our part to stop the spread of COVID 19, we’ve chosen to remain optimistic and patient.  We are still planning for spring, enjoying each other’s company, and keeping ourselves busy with and distracted by whatever boat/home maintenance we can accomplish here.  Most of all, we are extremely thankful for the efforts of those who are still at work keeping us fed, physically safe, and caring for us if we should fall ill.

If we all pitch in now, we can protect the people we love and our neighbors, and hopefully return to a new normal that will see us all safely once again leading our lives, and enjoying time aboard our Quicksteps out on the water.

Here’s wishing you good health and good luck!