Spring is just around the corner.

Well, OK- the view from our marina here at Egg Harbor still looks pretty wintery. The bay of Green Bay is frozen over and hundreds of ice fishing shacks dot the lower bay. Yet, the temps did get above freezing today and pretty mild weather (for February) has set in. So it’s a good time to start planning spring work on the Quickstep. My list? I’ve got a nagging electrical issue to track down and the coamings need stripping and varnishing. Bottom paint was new last year, so at least that won’t be part of the routine this spring. When it’s warm enough, we’ll drag her from the shed and get her ready for another season. Can hardly wait.

In the meantime, I’ve worked on this site a little bit and was finally able to find a way to make adding comments a bit easier. As you know, in the past you’d have to scroll to the end of all of the comments to find the text box for adding something new. As this site has matured, the number of comments has grown to the hundreds making that scrolling extremely tedious. I was never able to discover a way to put the text box for adding comments at the top of any page. And I still haven’t discovered how to do that, but I found a way to modify the site so that only the last 10 or so comments appear on any one page. That means scrolling down will be very quick now. All of the former comments are still here, however. I didn’t want to lose them! At the bottom of each page, there is a link to older comments. Click there and you’ll find all the information we’ve shared with one another in the past.

I am happy to see everyone finding these owner exchanges helpful, and I plan to do a bit more updating to make the site better. You can help by sending me a few pictures if you have them. I’d really like to feature some of your boats here. So if you can, send to me at Quickstep21@gmail.com

Take care, everyone! Be safe!


  1. Bill, thank you for your reply. it is as I expected that when we hoist the boat off her trailer in spring and lift the ctr board straight up she will disconnect from the molded in pivot pin much like a coat hanger disconnects from the closet pole. I am looking forward to working on the 21. i have had many large sailboats but advanced age has required that I downsize and the Quickstep is just the thing. Blue skys. Jack

  2. Greetings Quickstep 21 enthusiasts. Our Q17 in Chatham, Cape Cod did not see active duty last season and never left winter storage at Areys Pond boat yard in Orleans. Small boat sailing is much different on Cape Cod than on Lake Ontario near Rochester, where we learned to sail on a Laser. Most sailboats have moorings in sheltered areas, assigned by a local harbor master. The moorings are in high demand, and have long waiting lists, depending on the mooring field. Hope for more time on the water as we “stand by to come about” on a new tack this year, Cheerio!

  3. I have just bought a lovely Quickstep 21. There is no obvious way that the centerboard is pinned to the boat. No thru pin (bolt) in sight. Is it glassed over? I’d like to remove the CB for repairs. Can anyone help me? Jack

    1. Hi Jack. Years ago, I had a local boatyard hoist our 21 off its trailer and inspect the centerboard. As I recall, and I’m sorry I didn’t take a picture at the time, the pivot pin can be accessed from the bottom of the keel. You can’t see that, of course, if the boat’s on her trailer. We have hull #27, and I’m assuming that they were all built the same way. I hope another owner can either confirm or correct my assumption and description. Let us know how it goes. Cheers.

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