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There are many beautiful Q24s sailing about, so it’s only right and proper that we have a page devoted to them.  So here we are!   If you own a 24, you’re welcome to post.  I’m happy to add pictures, too.  To post a new comment, you’ll have to scroll to the very bottom of this page- all the way down.  I’ve managed to change the formatting to display just the newest comments first, so scrolling down is no longer so tedious.  All of the older comments are still here though.  Just follow the link at the bottom of this page.




  1. Was looking at a new outboard and was wondering if a short shaft was sufficient. Thanks.

  2. Currently interested in a 78′ Stannard Q24. How fast do these boats go? A previous commenter mentioned 2-3 kts in 18 kt winds, which seems too slow to be accurate.

    1. I’m using 500lbs on the uppers and 350lbs on the lowers. I used a formula from Seldom Mast to come up with these numbers. By the way, you wouldn’t have a photo of a Quickstep 24 sailing? I need a new photo for my windows screen saver!

  3. I wouldn’t even try to do it standing 9 or 10′ up on the trailer. Those days are history now! I do mine at the dock with the stern to the wall and the masthead sitting on a handy fence ringing the marina. If the masthead is not supported the aft pin wont go in and the sliding hatch can be damaged/crushed…make sure hatch is closed prior to starting too. I use an A frame lashed to the lower aft tangs and the cabin top winch.
    A furling headsail extrusion complicates things for me. Care is needed so as not to overbend or damage it. That and I can’t maneuver the mast into position myself given the length and weight is why i need a helper.
    Also don’t forget to put your Windex on straight before raising. Uffdah!

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