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There are many beautiful Q24s sailing about, so it’s only right and proper that we have a page devoted to them.  So here we are!   If you own a 24, you’re welcome to post.  I’m happy to add pictures, too.  To post a new comment, you’ll have to scroll to the very bottom of this page- all the way down.  I’ve managed to change the formatting to display just the newest comments first, so scrolling down is no longer so tedious.  All of the older comments are still here though.  Just follow the link at the bottom of this page.




  1. Does anyone use a rigging tension gauge for the Q24? If so, what are the specs? If not, how do you go about it. Plenty of YouTube advice, but asking owners of Q24’s who do it.
    Eric, “Sprig” on Cayuga Lake, Ithaca, NY

    1. I have a couple of LOOS rigging tension gauges for the Q24. I needed two because the back stay and the shrouds use different wire sizes. I set the back stay tension at 532 lbs, the upper shroud tension at 500 lbs and the lower shrouds at 350 lbs.
      I got the numbers from a generic sailboat rigging tension calculation put out by Selden Mast. I don’t think that recommended tensions were published for the Q24..

  2. I removed a damaged Genoa T-track from my Quickstep 24 yesterday and I’m wondering how to install the new track. I have a 4 foot length of Schaeffer 1 inch T-track that has to be bent to fit the toe-rail and then screwed in place . Anyone done this?

    1. Track FLEXES easily. Use existing bolt holes, snug up two adjacent ones, middle or end, and use the track lever to FLEX in it bolting as you go. Just go easy and don’t let it bend in a kink or take a set… then you’re screwed.

    1. William. With that little toy 2 bladed prop on the Torqueedo “Travel” 3hp motor you mention in the scuttlebutt section, I know I’d be up on the rip rap in short order and could forget about backing down. That motor is rated for a max of 1.5 tons and a Q24 exceeds that by 1000 lbs easily when equipped not considering spar and topside windage or keel resistance. And 3000 bucks? I can wait.

    2. See this link from Frank Messina, who sailed his Cape Dory 26 in Long Island Sound. The video at the end of the piece shows that his Torqueedo will move a boat with a displacement 1300# greater than a Q 24. Obviously, this depends on conditions, and in a location with strong currents it would not fare as well. I believe that Frank was known for rarely, if ever, using his engine. Sadly, he passed away recently.

      Second link is to a gentleman who powers his Ty Senior (Disp 700# less than Q 24) with the same Torqueedo, using a remote throttle:

      At the moment I have neither boat nor engine, but am looking to get both to sail on Lake Norman, west of Charlotte, NC. The Q 24 is a beautiful boat! As there is no current there and I will use the engine only to enter or leave the slip, I am also seriously considering an electric OB.

      1. Did you read what I did? .the guy in the link admits to 1 hour of total motor use. He says the Torqeedo feels fragile. Thinks it needs a $250 bag to keep it in! Says he misses his 20 yo Johnson 2 stroke, He’s been through two 4stroke Mercs since that old 2 stroke died, and that they weigh 150lbs! Best part is that the Torqeedo ….’moves the boat in no wind’
        Bottom line, for tree huggers only not for real world use in saltwater conditions. I dont think my 5 gallons of burned gas annually exceeds the pollution of the toxic lithium dump inside these new devices. Josua Slocum lived in different times.

    1. Jibs becoming unfurled in storms is rather common, and keeps sailmakers busy! When I am expecting strong winds, or plan to be away from the boat for some time, I do two things: 1) I roll out the jib, and re-furl it keeping a fair amount of tension on the fuller to keep the sail wrapped tight. Continue rolling until you have about two full wraps of the sheets around the furled sail. This should help with keeping the sail snuggly wrapped, and undamaged due to flogging. 2) Tie an extra line, or sail tie, around the rolled up sail at about the height where the sheets attach. This will prevent the sail from unfurling should the furling line chafe through. (Extra step) If we are expecting very strong winds, I take an extra halyard, and wrap it round the jib in the opposite direct that the sail is wrapped, and tie or snap the halyard end to the bow pulpit.

        1. Thanks, i did put a sail tie around the jib after Isaias but it wasn’t enough. I guess it’s been windy this year.

          1. John, Capt. obvious here perhaps so forgive me but do you have sufficient wraps of furler line around the drum to bring the jib sheet figure 8 knots snugly to the track pulleys along with the 2 wraps around the furled sail? Also..obviously too you should leave the. .. boat with the furler line tight and cleated so the furler is more or less locked up. Regarding Isiaias, here in the Sandy Hook area, there was a 15 minute period that was truly memorable. Blew big oak trees up, spun em and dropped them wherever. I have the bills to prove it.

  3. I am the latest newbie to this board.
    I am in the process of searching for my first sailboat. I have been a motor boater for the last 30+ years primarily fishing and coastal cruising. The QS24 checks all of my must haves. Cockpit for 4. Overnighting for 2. Very simple/ limited systems. Real keel versus fin or centerboard. Outboard engine. I am willing to pay extra money for a boat that doesn’t look and smell like it was just dragged off the Jersey shore after Hurricane Sandy!

    Being a newbie to sailing I am willing to sacrifice stability for speed. The question for this board is “What are the best and worst sailing characteristics of a QS24?”

    In return for this knowledge I will offer you all some info………
    In my internet search of the QS24 I noticed that in many of the pictures I viewed, the lower units on the outboards are all heavily corroded. Obviously, the inability to raise your motor out of the water will contribute to this. But do yourself the favor of disconnecting your motor from your battery. You are actually accelerating the electrolysis by keeping it connected.

    1. Replacing zinc annually not a bad idea either and checking it mid season helps too.
      No problems for my engine yet. Poorly bonded, plugged in boats in close proximity at my marina are the main problem. You can hear them fizz at the docks.
      Sacrifice stability for speed? Quickstep not your boat.
      I’m gonna leave the N.J. slight alone being a resident.

  4. I just closed a deal to purchase a Quickstep 24. The boat will need to be trucked to its new home. Can anyone who has moved one confirm 1. the weight of the boat, 2. the length of the mast, 3. the height of the boat with the mast down?

  5. Hey guys- have a mid 80’s Q 24- does anyone know where to get the little plastic caps that go inside under the cabin top? The cover the handrail bolts- thanks

    1. Hole Plugs….Amazon among others, Ebay,. Homedepot, Lowes too maybe. Need to know hole diameter and grip range.

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