Month: April 2015

It’s Spring at Last!

The ice is finally out and launching has begun around here despite the unusually cool temperatures.  I am looking forward to pulling our boat home from the shed and starting the spring maintenance routine.  This year, the focus is on teak.  It’s time to do a bit of sanding and revarnishing, but otherwise, Sarah’s in pretty good shape.  It’s still way too cool to varnish, but it’s a good time to start the prep work and be ready for warmer weather.  Once the temperature is right, I won’t want to have sanding to finish.  Last fall, I sent our sails to Sailcare for some professional cleaning and a little repair. They haven’t arrived yet, so I think I’d better give them a call.  I’m looking forward to seeing how well Sailcare’s cleaning process works.

Speaking of warmer weather, we just returned from a short trip to San Francisco where we took some time to attend the Strictly Sail Pacific show at Oakland’s Jack London Square.  It was a nice show with lots of vendors and plenty of boats to look at.  The good thing is that I didn’t see anything I like better than our Quickstep 21.  That’s been the case for 26 years now, and I’m sure most Quickstep owners feel the same way.  What I did see were plenty of boats that are a lot more expensive than our Quickstep- or our entire home, plus the Quickstep, the Lyman, and both cars.  My granddaughter picked one out.  It was marked down $33,000- a boat show special.  Just for the fun of it, here are a few photos of the show.  Click on any image to see the pictures full size.

Let me know when your season gets underway.  I’d enjoy posting a few pictures of your boats as they begin the new year.