Best Wishes to Everyone!



In the spring, I’m usually filled with the anticipation of another terrific sailing season.  As  the two of us remain hunkered down doing our part to stop the spread of COVID 19, we’ve chosen to remain optimistic and patient.  We are still planning for spring, enjoying each other’s company, and keeping ourselves busy with and distracted by whatever boat/home maintenance we can accomplish here.  Most of all, we are extremely thankful for the efforts of those who are still at work keeping us fed, physically safe, and caring for us if we should fall ill.

If we all pitch in now, we can protect the people we love and our neighbors, and hopefully return to a new normal that will see us all safely once again leading our lives, and enjoying time aboard our Quicksteps out on the water.

Here’s wishing you good health and good luck!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

The frost is on the pumpkin, and Sarah is safely tucked away for another winter.  It wasn’t the best sailing season, but with the optimism of an old-time Cubs fan I’m already looking forward to next summer.  So while boating is not an option, I’m doing a bit of updating of this site.


Q24 owners have really been active this fall.  They are sharing a lot of ideas about modifications and repairs and often ask each other for pictures.  I haven’t found a way to allow direct posting of images, so I put together a Q24 Gallery specifically for 24 owners so that they can share pictures of their work.  If anyone has anything to post, send files to Quickstep21@gmail.com and I’ll add them to the gallery.  I hope you find this useful.

I am also in the process of adding a few notices of Quicksteps for sale.  I’m hoping to keep all of the notices together on the Boatyard page.  If you have a Quickstep to sell, you can post there, too.  I’d appreciate hearing when you sell your boat so that I can remove your post.

As always, I’d really like to post some photos of our boats underway or stories about life with a Quickstep.  If you have anything to offer, please send it along.  I’m sure other owners would like to hear the news about other Quicksteps.

Finally, I want to wish all of you the happiest of holidays and a terrific 2018!


Happy Fourth of July!

Greetings to all Quickstep owners!

July is well underway and the holiday is now history, but it was great.  As usual, our family gathered on the dock and the boat for the annual fireworks display over the harbor.  The crowds were big, and it was another terrific show.  The weather was perfect and both the marina and the harbor were filled with boats.  There were 20 of us in Door County for the holiday weekend- all staying at our home. We rented pop-up campers to serve as extra bedrooms and grilling and yard games dominated the activity.  It was a madhouse, but it was great to get everyone together.



The sailing season is proving to be a very wet one.   It seems that waves of thunderstorms have been passing almost daily over the Door Peninsula this summer making it tough to get out on the water.  During the latest, last Thursday night, a line roared in with winds clocked at over 60 mph in the marina and two water spouts over Green Bay.  Trees were down in the park above the harbor, one transient boater suffered the loss of a stern cleat as the wind tore his boat from the dock, furled headsails were torn and the staff had some cleanup to do on Friday.

Yet yesterday provided one of the best sailing days of the season.  Winds were 10 to 14, it was sunny and cool.  We watched the end of the sailboat races, and then had a nice sail from Egg Harbor south several miles to Murphy County Park were we paused off-shore to eat lunch.  We sat and watched flocks of white pelicans circling above and then resumed our sail home.  Once back, we joined our fellow Egg Harbor Yacht Club members at the marina for a few beverages and snacks.  It was a perfect day.



Looking at the marina yesterday, I was struck again by how deep Lake Michigan-Huron is again this year.  Take a look at the two pictures I’ve attached.  One, from 2012 and another from this week.  It’s pretty dramatic.  It takes a lot of water to raise the lake level by this much.  Let’s hope it doesn’t get much deeper.

IMG_3827 IMG_4568 (1)


We hope your sailing season is going well.  Don’t forget that you are invited to send pictures or stories about your adventures to us so that we can share them with other Quickstep owners.  Just email them along and I’ll get them posted.

A Winter’s Solstice Post


Happy Holidays, Everyone!  

It is hard to believe that another sailing season is gone, but I am thrilled that you folks are still using this site during the latest Polar Vortex to exchange ideas and connect with other Quickstep owners.  Now that I’ve plowed the driveways for the third time in two days, I think it’s time to get warm and to do a bit of updating.

We didn’t sail nearly enough this last summer.  We spent some time away attending to family matters. After that, conditions and opportunities just didn’t align well.  Weather, mostly lots of small craft warnings, often kept us safely within Egg Harbor’s snug marina on days we would have really enjoyed being out on the water.   Our granddaughter was here for an extended visit, so we spent several great (but windless) boating days introducing her to tubing behind the old Lyman. Eventually, we did enjoy terrific fall sails up and down the west side of the Door Peninsula viewing the fall color which arrived late this year.  Those fall sails off-set some of the summer’s lack of time on the boat.  Looking ahead, I have already sworn to make the 2017 season more active.

You may have noticed that on the Scuttlebutt Page,  Steve B. mentioned, in response to a new Q21 owner, an article I had posted to my earlier Quickstep site.  It told the tale of a DIY keel repair that was pretty interesting.  It’s a good article with pictures, so I’ve uploaded a PDF file for everyone to read while avoiding the cold. So light the fire and grab a scotch. You can read it by clicking here.

The biggest news about our boat for the year was that I purchased a new jib designed specifically to work with our Schaefer furler.  I just couldn’t get the old jib to trim properly.  The new sail was built by our local sailmaker, Dorsal Sail and Canvas.  It is a delight to use.  In addition, Charlie provided, at no cost, a new set of Quickstep insignia for our mainsail.  When it was originally built by a loft in Ohio, the “Q” was not correct.  It’s been one of those little things that bothered me… a vanity issue, I suppose.  But Charlie has fixed that now.  The main itself, which is loose footed with two full battens at the top, is a terrific sail.  Dorsal cut the proper insignia and I attached them at home at the end of the season.  All’s right with the world again!

Please don’t forget that I’m always interested in what’s happening with you and your boat. If you have an article or photos to share, email them to me at Quickstep21@gmail.com.  I’ll be happy to post the news.

We wish you and your families a serene Solstice, Happy Holidays, and a great New Year!

It’s Sailing Season


The weather has warmed up and the season is finally underway.  You can really tell how deep Lake Michigan is this year- four feet higher than in 2013.  The bass fishermen are complaining that the fish have moved from their old haunts and are apparently seeking new spots that aren’t so deep.  So the fishing has been a bit slow.  The guys tell me they’ll eventually find the fish and get back to the normally great bass fishing we have here on the peninsula.   I hope they do.

We enjoyed the Fourth of July weekend sailing with friends from Japan, visiting with family, and watching Egg Harbor’s terrific fireworks display from our dock in the marina.  The weather was perfect.  Mid 70’s and 6 to 8 knots of wind.  It could not have been better!

By the way, I am very happy to see so much discussion taking place on our Q24 page.  If any of you would like to post a picture or two, email them to me and I’ll upload them.  It would be nice to watch a few of our 24’s at sea.  They are too beautiful to remain unseen.

It’s Spring!

We’re expecting another snowfall tomorrow, but it’s clearly spring here in Egg Harbor.  It won’t be long before the Quickstep will be in the driveway undergoing her spring cleanup.  I’ve noticed that I’m not the only Quickstep owner starting to plan this season’s upgrades.  If you haven’t noticed, there is considerable discussion underway on our Q24 page concerning rudder bushing issues.  It’s good information, and I’m happy to see owners exchanging ideas via this site.  Take a look at the discussion.

I recently received a couple of photos from Robin and Donna Kempson who own Mary Kate, hull number 18.  Here you see them last fall cruising Horseshoe Shoal off Nantucket and on Lake Champlain.  It won’t be long and we’ll all be happy again aboard our boats.  Thanks you two for the photos!

Fall Has Arrived


Sarah just outside Egg Harbor

Well it looks like another season is about to end.  The weather is getting cooler and the marina is almost empty.  Most of the bigger boats have traveled south to Sturgeon Bay or north to Sister Bay for their fall haul out.  We plan to stay in until the marina officially closes on October 15th.  It’s been a pretty good summer.  We sailed with our granddaughter, hosted family for the annual Fourth of July fireworks over the harbor, enjoyed stiff breezes and glorious sunsets, and now are taking in the first of the fall colors.  Both the Quickstep and the Lyman have been terrific.

At the end of September, we jumped in the Jeep and drove as many scenic routes as we could find between Egg Harbor and Lake Geneva on our way to the ACBS’s Blackhawk Chapter’s wooden boat show.  This is always a terrific event held at the Abbey Resort in Fontana, Wisconsin at the west end of the lake.  I put together a slideshow of the event, so if you’re interested, here’s the link. (Blackhawk)




The Egg Harbor Village Marina






A typical Egg Harbor sunset.







It won't be long before....

It won’t be long before….

Season 26 Begins.

Season 26 is finally underway.   We launched from the ramp in Egg Harbor between thunderstorms last week and will finally be able to enjoy some sailing.

Getting the mast up this spring was easier than ever, as I purchased a new mast crutch that telescopes and is equipped with a roller making the mast handling really a breeze.  I saw the device (Mastup) on a Catalina 22 website and thought it would be perfect for us.  It is.  The process was simple.  We rolled the mast aft on the crutch.  Slipped the base of the mast into the tabernacle on deck.  Then using the trailer winch as usual, we hauled her up.  A buddy and I remained on deck to assure the mast didn’t move to either side.  It was easy.





Tom and Kristen Siebenhuhner sent a couple of photos of BlueMoon getting ready for another summer at Lake Seneca, NY.  They mentioned a couple of maintenance issues when they wrote, and our boat has had the same problems so I explained my solutions to them.  When I did, I promised a couple of photos.  To deal with cracked or broken teak, I replaced the hatch slides and guides with Starboard, a plastic marine lumber I purchased at West Marine when I repaired and refinished Sarah’s hatch.  Like BlueMoon’s, Sarah’s hatch had developed cracks from years of sailors stepping on it.  You can see the results in the picture below.  The guides have been in place for a couple of seasons now and look fine to me.  The teak is certainly prettier, but after repeatedly replacing them, I’m happy to have made the switch.  Sarah’s lifelines are no longer covered with white vinyl.  After it cracked and yellowed, I removed the vinyl to check the condition of the stainless lines.  They were fine, so I just reinstalled them without the vinyl.  They work OK.


I have also replaced the restraints on the fuel locker in the cockpit with Starboard.  These were teak, too.  In addition, I created a drink/radio/binocular holder for use in the cockpit by adding a French cleat to the back of a commercially available teak accessory.  With the cleat, I can install or remove the holder in seconds and I don’t have to deal with stuff drifting about in the cockpit.  I open the locker lid, drop in the holder, then close the lid which keeps the holder in place.  It’s simple and isn’t in the way.

IMG_1216 IMG_1217 IMG_1215

Another addition this spring was a replacement cooler below.  Quickstep owners know that the cooler doubles as a companionway step.  After years of use, ours was cracked and worn.  I found that Igloo has one that fits, so I bought it, transferred the original teak step to the new cooler and we’re set for another 25 years.


What’s new with your Quickstep?  Let me know.  Finally, here are the pictures Tom and Kristen sent of BlueMoon.  She looks terrific.  If anyone else would like to send along a few shots, I’d be happy to post them.  Cheers, everybody!

IMG_1280 IMG_1279

The Boatyard is open.

Sarah at Sturgeon Bay's Harbor Club Marina

Sarah at Sturgeon Bay’s Harbor Club Marina

On and off, folks post comments on this site offering a Quickstep for sale or looking for one to buy.  The problem is that those comments show up on various pages and are hard to notice unless you’re really looking.  So I’ve added a new page, The Boatyard, dedicated to comments about Quicksteps for sale or “Quickstep Wanted” posts.  I hope this makes it easier for owners to get in touch with potential buyers.  Summer is finally here!

A Little Spring Maintenance

Sarah is now here at home and as you can see from the photos, her teak needs some attention before she starts the season.  It’s been raining, so I haven’t started the sanding. Funny how that works out. No rain for weeks… bring home the boat and the heavens open. Fact is, we need the rain, so at least the gardens are getting what they require.   Looking at the picture, I think it’s also time to refinish my winter weatherboard.  I keep the good ones at home when the boat’s in storage.



Sailcare finished with our sails and they’ve arrived.  First inspection looks good- they are clean and crisp.  Unfortunately, the guys were not able to create the proper Q insignia for the mainsail, so we’re going without one.  I’m not too bright as it turns out.  It occurred to me after I got the sails back, that I could have removed a Q from our original old and worn Hood mainsail and sent it as a pattern to Sailcare.   Too late now.  The new plan is to order material from Sailrite and do it ourselves.  How hard can it be?  Right?


Speaking of maintenance, I’ve upgraded the Brochures page of this blog in order to provide better images.  The originals did not enlarge clearly and were hard to read.  These are much better and I hope they’re useful.



Don’t forget to forward some pictures of your Quickstep.  Let’s see how they look this spring.  Send photos to Quickstep21@gmail.com.