Month: February 2015

The Winter Fleet Is In!

I am beginning to think about the chores I have to complete before I launch Sarah this spring. This is the year I’ll be varnishing teak and spending some quality time on cosmetic issues. Technically she’s in fine shape, but her brightwork is looking a bit tired.  As soon as it warms up, I’ll get at it.  But- it’s a little too early to be working on the boat right now.  It’s cold in Wisconsin.  As you can see below, Hobie cats aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and some of the Great Lakes freighters have arrived for their annual refits at Bay Shipbuilding in Sturgeon Bay.  There are several of the 1000 foot fellows in for maintenance and more boats have arrived since I snapped this shot. Winter isn’t so bad, and a group of us sailors is staying active during the cold.  We gather and hike- and then meet for a bite to eat and drink.




This is so typical.  Here is a fishing shack out in the shipping channel in Sturgeon Bay.  There are dozens and dozens of these scattered across Green Bay right now.  Some are out a mile or more.  Most guys use four-wheelers or snowmobiles to get out to them.  A few very brave (or remarkably foolish) ones drive their suv’s and trucks out on the ice.  My neighbor says the ice is nearing 20 inches thick two miles out where he fishes.  But he assures me he’s not one of the guys driving the F-150 out there!


The shipping channel.



IMG_8864The view to the west- toward Green Bay.

As you can see, a hearty group of sailors won’t be stopped by a little cold weather.  We’ll hike, enjoy a fire in one of the state park pavilions, and then find a welcoming pub like Waterfront Mary’s to enjoy a little good food, some tasty cocktails, and great conversation.





That’s ice fishermen, of course.


IMG_8875The porch is great all year round.