Fleet Register

Here are the boats that registered with the fleet (Current as of 9/12/14).  If you recognize errors in this list, please send the fleet a message.

Q21 Fleet

01 Trial Hull for builder

02 “Two-Step” Stephen Uhler, San Franciso Bay, California

05 “Bluebird” Bob Walker, Broad Creek, Deltaville, Virginia

08 Unk (Pictured in our gallery)

11 “Bailero” Steve Bodine, Apponaug, Rhode Island

12 “Fandango” Monty and Betsy Morris, Marblehead, Massachusetts

16 “Blazon” Terry and Lynn Frick , Lake Mendota, Madison, Wisconsin

17 “Quintessence” John and Barbara Cotnam, Pleasant Bay, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

18 “Marykate” Robin and Donna Kempson, Woodstock, Vermont

19 “Amos Te” Ken Bogen, Ypsilanti, Michigan

27 “Sarah”  Bill and Sarah Freyman  Egg Harbor, Wisconsin

28 “Carina” Bill Lipke Bill O’Conner, Lake Champlain, Burlington, Vermont

32 “Marisa T” Lynn Nye and Grandchildren, South Bay, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada

33 “Blue Moon” Tom and Kristen Siebenhuhner, Hinrod, New York

34 “Mintaka” Bob Ripley, Wickford, Rhode Island

37 “Crazy Curls” North Carolina

38 “Blue Belle” Mark and Evonne Peters, Marblehead, Massachusetts

40 Unk

NA “Kokomo” Destroyed in Hurricane Ophelia

NA “Fuer Elise” Massachusetts

Q14 Fleet

22 Pam King,

Q19 Fleet

04 Tom and Mary Perry, Kent Lake, Michigan

06 “Rust Ob Twist” Glenn and Debra Marshino, Indianapolis, Indiana

09 Scott Green, Nevada City, California

Q24 Fleet

167 “Joshua Brown” David Gordon, Hingham, Massachusetts

173 “Quitticus” Richard Bates, Mattapoisett, Massachusetts

NA “Masala Chai” Seth Thompson, Rockland, Maine


    1. Hi John. I think there are two good ways. The first is to check the sail number. If the boat still has its original Hood sails, the sail number and hull number will match. The foolproof method is to check the boats identification number which is stamped into the hull on the upper right outside of the transom just below the rub rail. The 7th and 8th digits indicate the hull number with the build date following. Hope this helps.

      1. Thanks Bill. My hull # is 96 for my 24 Quickstep. John. PS Does anyone have a solution for removing varnish stains on the skid pads?

  1. IMy wife and I will ve vacationing in August 2015 at Little Current, Ontario so we would like to contact MarisaT,Lynn Nye at South Bay, Manitoulin Island. We would like to see your 21′ Ryder sailboat. We are looking to find a 24′ Quickstep to buy. Thanks, Larry Patterson. 559 8402077 or laika3@comcast.net

  2. I live in California and I’m looking to find a quickstep 24 on the west coast, San deigo to Vancouver, BC so I can actually go see one. If I like it as I suspect I will, I’ll try to find one forsale even on East coast. Thanks, Larry

    1. I would like to get a message to Lynn Nye of South Bay, Manitoulin Island, Ontario as my wife and I from California will be in her area this coming August on our vacation. How do I get a message to her about her Q21? thanks, Larry Patterson. Please send replu to mu email: laika3@comcast.net.

  3. Q24 “Quitticus” (hull #173) checking in from Mattapoisett MA.
    Would appreciate any feedback relative to reefing mainsail. The button located in the mast track would appear to prohibit any type of jiffy reefing.

  4. Hello everyone,
    I want to introduce myself as co-owner of Carina #28 along with Bill Lipke. I have long loved Carina and convinced Bill to let me partner with him. We have had many adventures on Lake Champlain and I will keep you posted on our upcoming “passages”
    Bill O’Connor

    1. I am a former owner of Carina and I got nostalgic and looked up this website. I am happy to see her listed. I miss her and hope she is keeping you safe and providing you with endless adventures!
      Joan Pozner
      Alton Bay, NH

      1. She is well loved and well taken care of. She is shipshape from stem to stern and is a joy to sail or, just sit on during a calm sunny day.

        1. That is great to hear. Thank you for responding. Carina spend 4 years with us before she moved to Vermont. Love Love Love that sweet sailboat!

  5. I found out that the roller furling unit is a Harken 0-288. Don’t know if they are supporting this one anymore but you KNOW I’m going to find out.
    Tom (#33)

  6. Hello,

    My husband and I just purchased #33 – the boat was originally blue but as is has some dock rash we may have to re finish the whole boat, giving us the opportunity to change color to something more durable ( the blue is a great color but is looking tired).

    Here’s our information:

    Tom and Kristen Siebenhuhner

    We’ll be sailing out of Himrod, NY on Seneca Lake

    We are in search of any and all materials that will help us with respect to rigging the boat.  In particular the roller furling (which we deduced is by Hood) is a big challenge right now.  I have contacted Hood (but, it is Labor Day)…..  

    please include us in the QS 21 registry

  7. “Mintaka” Bob Ripley, Wickford, Rhode Island is hull # 34, delivered on 5/17/90

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