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Sarah at Sturgeon Bay's Harbor Club Marina

Sarah at Sturgeon Bay’s Harbor Club Marina

Fairly regularly, folks comment on this site either offering their Quickstep for sale or seeking a boat to buy.   I’ve noticed that those comments get scattered on a number of pages and may not get noticed.  So to help make getting in touch with one another a bit easier, I’m adding this page and encouraging you to comment here if you are looking for a Quickstep or have one for sale.  I hope this helps.  Please limit comments here to potential purchases and good luck!

By the way, I tried to move all of the previously posted comments about available boats and buyers to this page, but the technology won’t permit it.  So feel free to write again if you want.


  1. Hi Quickstep owners, I am thinking about buying a Quickstep 24. It is not in very good shape so I was wondering if anyone can give me a ballpark number for what I might have to sped for a new set of sails (main and roller furling jenny). Thank you!

  2. I am selling a 1990 Quickstep Scout which has just been restored to like new condition. The hull and cockpit have been refinished, sails are 2 yrs old, all lines replaced, and all woodwork was stripped and coated with 6 coats of varnish. The boat is sitting on an American trailer with new tires and working lights. The boat is in Ashby, MA. Email me at for more details.

  3. I have a Quickstep 24, 1990 inboard that I would like to sell. If anyone has interest, my email address is Boat is located in Pasadena, MD. It was winterized and shrinkwrapped about 3 years ago and has not been in water since.

  4. If anyone knows of a Q24 owner who is considering selling towards the end of the season (or sooner), I’m eager to get my hands on one. Please feel free to reach out, even if you’re on the fence – it takes a while to think through. Of course if anyone knows one that’s available now, I’m all ears.

    I’m in eastern RI, so anywhere in the NE is possible.

    1. I’m interested in selling my Q 24 at the end of August. I’m in Deer Isle, Maine. It’s in great shape, maintained by Brooklin Boat Yard. No trailer. Kevin McMunigal.

  5. I have stumbled upon a Q24 in pretty decent shape. The only thing it’s missing is its rudder… does anyone know of a rudder for sale or know any information on getting on built. Any and all information would be great.
    It will be my first sail boat. It also has its original sails, in excellent shape. I’m very excited and eager to get it up and sailing!

    Capt, Nick Amley

  6. I am looking at a quickstep 14, and looking for any information. I know very little about these boats.


  7. Hi! I’m wondering if owners on the Q24 could provide any insight on a suitable trailer for the boat; I found a Triad trailer for sale that’s currently configured for a J-24 — wondering whether this trailer might work for a Q-24. It has adjustable pads, from what I can tell. I’d be very grateful for any feedback! Many thanks, ~ Chelle

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