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There are many beautiful Q24s sailing about, so it’s only right and proper that we have a page devoted to them.  So here we are!   If you own a 24, you’re welcome to post.  I’m happy to add pictures, too.  To post a new comment, you’ll have to scroll to the very bottom of this page- all the way down.  I’ve managed to change the formatting to display just the newest comments first, so scrolling down is no longer so tedious.  All of the older comments are still here though.  Just follow the link at the bottom of this page.




  1. I have a Q24 which from the best I can make out from fleet photos has a standard mainsheet control system which involves a deck mounted swivel arm with a cam cleat at the top end of the arm and a stand up sheve at the base of the arm through which the main sheet passes on it’s journey from the block at the end of the mast to the clam cleat on the arm mounted on the deck. On occasion I have a problem with the sheve at the base of the arm being pulled by its angle to the boom into the cam arm assembly and becoming jammed. Has anyone encountered this problem and have they found a solution? I have searched various hardware manufactures to see if there might be an alternate arrangement such as a longer arm to create a greater distance between the sheve and the cam arm to no avail. I’ve even considered mounting an additional stand up sheve aft of the existing arm/cam/sheve assembly which when bent in the direction of the arm assembly would be far enough away to not be a problem. I have also considered replacing the existing sheve/arm/cam assembly with a BB Fiddle Block with Adjustable Cam/Becket 506-76 from Schaefer but I’m not sure that would not create some other problem. I am also reluctant to alter the visual simplicity of the original arrangement. Thanks for any advice on this matter.

    1. Nelson: I got rid of all that Schaefer gear. Its solid but outdated. I’m unabashedly pro Harken gear. Decades of use on boats big and small. I’ve watched friends jam up and flip as well as get into dangerous situations broaching etc.using lesser hardware. Some of that Schaefer stuff has sharp areas that will lead to injur in high pressure situations. In my 30’s I used to make presents of Harken 150 cam cleats which are the greatest piece if sailing gear ever and real lifesavers on Hobie Cats etc. Harken is smooth, safer, easier to handle and bulletproof.

      That said at the end of the boom i put this double

      I replaced the cam / swivel bits with these two Harken parts

      P/n 205 allows installation of p/n 002 as a stand up single with becket.

      The port side Schaefer stand up single is fine if you want to keep it other wise a stand up Harken block would be my choice.

      This setup rock solid. You’ll need to install backing plates under the swivel and stbd single if not present.
      Looks like Harken may be discontinuing the old 2.25 blocks but the replacement carbo blocks are even better and pricier too!!

        1. Nelson, that single block i mentioned above should (must) have a ratchet for sheet control. I think Harken is cutting that 2.25 group out and replacing with 57mm blocks. This is a newer model with the ratchet. You’ll have plenty of choices. Here’s one to consider.

          I’m sorry for my error. Hope no inconvenience.

  2. Greetings from Cooperstown, NY. What is the headroom in the cabin? I can’t find that dimension listed anywhere. Thanks in advance! Jeff

  3. Greetings from Cooperstown,NY. Could someone tell me if down below is sitting or standing headroom. ( I am 5’7″). Also, at 4000 lbs., is a single axle trailer sufficient to carry the load? Thanks….much appreciated!

    1. Typical axle load caps for trailers are 2, 3.5, 5.2k lbs. Most Q tandems will have two 3.5k axles. Tandems are nice if you lose a tire at speed. Three wheels will enable you to come to a heart pumping safe stop. Tandems are essential for longer hauls.
      There’s no reason a singe 5.2k axle should not be considered for the Q24 for short hauls. There are loads of heavier boats than Q24’s arriving safely on one axle all the time. Just no redundancy of wheels and brakes and Bugatti says brakes are over rated anyway. Singles maneuver easier and are cheaper too. I wouldn’t give it a thought as long at there was a pair of good quality tires on it. And now there are run flat tires too.


  4. Boomkicker question: the company recommends their model K0500 for the Quickstep 24 in their table of recommended models. However the they list in another table that the K500 is fro boats from 16 to 20′ and the k0750 model for boats 20-25′. Has anyone installed a Boomkicker and if so which model and what has your experience been. I have 1989 hull # LNUKS188A989. Located in black Rock Harbor Connecticut.

    1. No experience. Happy with my TL and I like the interoperability of same, halyard, TL etc.
      The boom of a Q24 is fairly light compared to other similar size bracket boats. Some builders/designers spec a utility pole for spars…see Tartan. This may account for the lighter model. Did you ask Boomkicker?

  5. I have an 1988 Q24 that was drowned on a lift. It came with a 1gm10 diesel in a bucket that is now just about ready to go back in. From what I can see the engine justs sits over the bilge with a wood panel blocking the engine compartment from the cabin. I am wondering if there is more of a box to help with engine noise or what people have used for sound deadening to quiet the engine. Seems like it would be easier to take care of this while the diesel is out? If anyone has pics of the installed diesel, I would love to see them.



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