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There are many beautiful Q24s sailing about, so it’s only right and proper that we have a page devoted to them.  So here we are!   If you own a 24, you’re welcome to post.  I’m happy to add pictures, too.  To post a new comment, you’ll have to scroll to the very bottom of this page- all the way down.  I’ve managed to change the formatting to display just the newest comments first, so scrolling down is no longer so tedious.  All of the older comments are still here though.  Just follow the link at the bottom of this page.




  1. New owner is asking what the mast length is. I see the “P” is 25′ so I’m guessing either 26′ or 27′. Has anyone the measure for a “standard” build? Thank you.

    1. Mine measures 27’7″ to the top plate (Hull 177.) I would suggest you attach a tape measure or rope to the main halyard, mark the halyard above the thimble/shackle/splice/knot, and hoist until the mark meets the sheave. Mark the bottom of the tape/line and lower the tape/line. Measure the total distance. Since there were multiple manufacturers, and people made modifications, over the years, this is probably the best way. Don’t forget to tie the halyard off when finished.

  2. New Q24 owner. Does anyway have photos, diagram, etc. of the rudder and rudder post assembly. Currently, the rudder can pop out of the skeg when it is amidships. There appears to be something missing in the rudder post/tiller head assembly to prevent vertical movement. The wood block is cracked and there is only the splash shield and tiller head on the top of the rudder post. I would post pictures but still trying to figure out Word Press.

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