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There are many beautiful Q24s sailing about, so it’s only right and proper that we have a page devoted to them.  So here we are!   If you own a 24, you’re welcome to post.  I’m happy to add pictures, too.  To post a new comment, you’ll have to scroll to the very bottom of this page- all the way down.  I’ve managed to change the formatting to display just the newest comments first, so scrolling down is no longer so tedious.  All of the older comments are still here though.  Just follow the link at the bottom of this page.




  1. Where would I locate my bilge pump on my quick step 21’?
    There’s no opening in the floor that I can see to access the lowest point.

    1. Jeremie, in my 24 the bilge pump is in the aft port seat locker.. From there it’s a hose to the bottom of the keel. It’s a Whale Guzzler pump and repair kits are available from various sources as well as new pumps. for one. You posted in the Q24 section here, hopefully a Q21 owner will answer you. I’m sure one of them can assist if they read here. Otherwise try the ‘Scuttlebutt’ area by posting again.

    2. I have an opening behind the step into the cabin which opens and gives access to the lowest point in the bilge

  2. Victoria,

    I saw you are thinking about putting your Quickstep 24 on the market. I would appreciate discussing. We are actively in the market. 919 247 5099. Joe Hotard

  3. adequate power in a chop with high headwinds in rough weather to get into port?
    Yamaha 9.9 or any 2cyl motor 8hp and up to 9.9. Want to back up, stop quickly, re-accelerate as in docking? 9.9 again. The 6 is minimal under those circumstances but perhaps adequate too. Chesapeake gets honkin windy too. No substitute for power and wheel size under some circumstances. I’d lke to try the 6 on a 24 before I buy one solely to save weight.
    This is the undying question and the correct answer depends….

    1. I’m on the same page with you Chris for every point you make. My 9.9 came with the boat and < 50 hrs on it . It looks and runs like a new o/b. They are wonderful reliable units and I’ll be thankful crossing the Bay.

      If I only stayed in the Rappahannock R I’d try the 6HP 4-stroke Tohatsu first as I know the local dealer.

  4. Bill,
    Pls register 1980 Q24 Hull #14
    Builder: CE Ryder
    Name: “Viola“
    Homeport : Urbanna, VA
    Owner: Rob Waltenbaugh
    Richmond VA

    1. Bill,
      I’m right across the river from you in Irvington. My wife and I are interested in a Quickstep 24. We’ve got several question about the Q24’s and were wondering if you would be willing to spend a bit of time on the phone to discuss the boat? i can be reached at 919 247 5099. Thanks.

      1. Hi Joseph- I’ll be glad to discuss the Q24 with you. I just arrived in Lancaster today and will be in a rental on the Western Branch of the Corrotoman for the rest of July. I’ll call you.
        Rob Waltenbaugh

  5. I am looking at a 1987 Q24 today that is for sale by a private seller. Can anyone give me an idea of what late 80’s models have been selling for? Thanks

    1. Several on the market in currently in Southern New England including mine in RI. All range between 8-13k.

      1. Where are these boats listed? They are not coming up on yachtworld or sailboatlistings or in a google search? Which one is yours?

        1. Boaters has one in Quincy for $12.9k, Yachtworld shows one in Maine for $14k

          1. It is. I replied once already but I can’t tell if it went through so replying again. Happy to talk live anytime. My cell is 401.744.6748 – Chris

          1. We are getting ready to put our QuickStep on the market. We had some medical issues in the family and need to let go of the boat. It is currently located on the eastern shore of Maryland. Let me know if you are interested in discussing.


      Should have added this particular boat appears to need some attention. Basic boat, New motor. Colored sails…love em or hate em.
      Where are you located? If NJ area I can look at a boat with you if nearby.
      Now under these economic conditions the buyer has advantage.
      However there are few really good boats of any make / model/ year so when you find one it’s probably worth the extra money depending on your talents to recover a cheap but neglected boat or hack job by previous proud owner.

  6. Where is the Q24 fleet registration and list of boats? All I can locate on the site are 14/19/21 lists

  7. My Q24 came with a almost new Yamaha 9.9 o/b. Great motors but heavy as #€¥! at 95#.
    Great for long cruising if needed on the Chesapeake Bay but usually sail in a great river up stream of Bay.

    What smaller HP o/b are others using that provide adequate power in a chop with high headwinds in rough weather to get into port?

      1. Thanks Mark – that’s the motor I’ve been considering. Glad to hear it works/worked for you.

  8. Looking for an elusive trailer for a 24 pretty much anywhere in the Northeast. Capable of modifying an existing sailboat trailer if its approx the right size. Let me know!

      1. Ruben
        If you can pick this up grab it. I bought a new Triad and have not regretted it for a second

        1. Single axle may not be enough. Sonars and the like are much lighter. It may need some serious retrofitting.

    1. Reuben,
      Call Robert (540) 591-9908
      Daleville VA

      He is selling a 2-axle trailer that he used for a O’Day 272. $2500 asking. He might deliver or meet you. I was considering for my Q24 but had to back out for a personal issue that drained my boat $ pool🤨.

      Great trailer for that price.
      Rob W
      Richmond Va
      ‘78 Q24 ‘Viola‘

  9. Trying to find replacement windows and inside frame covers for the ports on mu 1988 Q24. Having a hard time identifying manufacturer and model. Any ideas?

    I have pictures if there is a way to
    post them?

        1. Mine say ‘Lewmar’ on latch handle. No label. I think they are ‘old size 0’ Same cutout as new size 0. Only a Lewmar dealer can confirm. Or email Lewmar support. Screens are not useful in my opinion, the mesh is too fine and the size of port too small to allow flow without a good breeze, and I noticed they’re 40$ each which is goofy. Make something with standard fibreglass screen if you don’t have a no see um problem.
          I made a drop board with a screen and a velcro attached screen for the deck hatch. in case that is an option you could use.

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