Sarah’s spring refit

Sarah’s spring refit consisted of repainting the non-skid, new varnish, new hatch slides, and sewing together a Sailrite kit for sail and tiller covers.  All the work went well and we’re enjoying season 23!


  1. i single hand my Q21 all the time and with enough searoom i can handle the jib sheets easily but when tacking through two thousand boats in marblehead harbor it gets hairy not to say dangerous. im wondering if any Q21 owner has rigged a self tacking system for the jib? if so id like to hear about it. monty morris, Q21 fandango

    1. Hi Monty. I don’t know if you can see it clearly in the pictures, but we added jib sheet lead tracks and blocks to the cabin top just inside the handrails. The sheet leads through the blocks to cam cleats at the cockpit, so they are very easy to reach and secure. Single handling is very easy with this system, but it does preclude using a jib bigger than a 110 or so. We like the way the boat handles with the jib sheeted this way and there is no need for winches with a sail this small. If we want, we can always rig the boat using the original tracks and use a bigger sail and the winches. As you point out, that’s a bit awkward for frequent tacks.

      1. many thanks sarah (i dont know your name) ill look into installing your system this winter. monty morris

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