No Wind- Fire up the Lyman.

The week ended with a beautiful but dead-still day.  Sailing wasn’t in the cards, so we decided to take another fall tour aboard our old 1955 Lyman.  Once again down the coast to see the sights.  M3300002 M3300003

After the cruise, we enjoyed a terrific sunset at the Egg Harbor Marina.  With the Lyman tucked in near the ramp, we could enjoy watching both our boats as the sun took its leave.M3300007

It was also fun to take another look at our friend’s new Marsh Cat.  He spent 10 years building her and there’s no doubt she’s the prettiest boat in the marina.  Her name is Li’l Boat and I can say from personal experience she’s a joy to sail.M3300008

We hope to sail again this weekend.  After the Packers beat the Bears, of course!M3300013 M3300016