A Little Spring Maintenance

Sarah is now here at home and as you can see from the photos, her teak needs some attention before she starts the season.  It’s been raining, so I haven’t started the sanding. Funny how that works out. No rain for weeks… bring home the boat and the heavens open. Fact is, we need the rain, so at least the gardens are getting what they require.   Looking at the picture, I think it’s also time to refinish my winter weatherboard.  I keep the good ones at home when the boat’s in storage.



Sailcare finished with our sails and they’ve arrived.  First inspection looks good- they are clean and crisp.  Unfortunately, the guys were not able to create the proper Q insignia for the mainsail, so we’re going without one.  I’m not too bright as it turns out.  It occurred to me after I got the sails back, that I could have removed a Q from our original old and worn Hood mainsail and sent it as a pattern to Sailcare.   Too late now.  The new plan is to order material from Sailrite and do it ourselves.  How hard can it be?  Right?


Speaking of maintenance, I’ve upgraded the Brochures page of this blog in order to provide better images.  The originals did not enlarge clearly and were hard to read.  These are much better and I hope they’re useful.



Don’t forget to forward some pictures of your Quickstep.  Let’s see how they look this spring.  Send photos to Quickstep21@gmail.com.

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