Racing on Clinton Lake

Ahoy fellow Quickstep owners.  Here is the spot to exchange ideas, questions and answers, and your latest news with other Quickstep owners.  If you have photos or stories to post on the site, please email them to


  1. Chrisd
    Can you share more about your fully battened main? Who built it? I assume you use a boomkicker rather than a topping lift. Why do you suggest not using one with a furler jib?. More sail area would be helpful during Chesapeake summers.

  2. I am a former Quickstep 24 owner, having owned CE Ryder hull # 4 for 10 years. I sold her in 2013.

    I live and sail on the south shore of Long Island in thin water and I’m thinking about a Q21 because of her keel-centerboard configuration. I’d like opinions on her sailing characteristics. Is she anything close to the well mannered and weatherly Q24?

    Any trouble spots to look for?

    Thanks all,

    Joe Conron
    Sayville, NY

    1. Hello Joe…I know nothing about Q21’s but thought you might be interested in this one in Conn. Good time to buy sailboats maybe? You have to know how to do stuff and nowhere near as much fun as playing Iphone.

    2. we have owned and sailed a Q21 for several years and enjoy it very much. we mostly sail in deep water but in shallow water the 4 ft centerboard will swing up. the rudder draws 3 ft and is apparantly not intended to swing up but we have replaced the bolt that prevents it from swinging up with a breakaway wire tie which is easily replaced

  3. Hi Quickstep 21 fleet,

    As much as it saddens me to do it, I have decided to prepare my Q21 for sale. Bailero is hull #11, built in 1989. I believe Bill has posted a photo in the Gallery from when we moored her in Narragansett Bay. She is currently at her mooring on the Bass River in Dennis, MA. If any of you know of anyone that may be interested I’ll be glad to provide any information needed along with photos. Thanks, Steve Bodine.

    1. I would be interested in knowing more. I have been looking for a Q24 located in Mass. but winter storage costs are depressing to contemplate. A trailerable 21 may resolve my issue .

      1. Ted,

        If you like I’ll forward my contact info to Bill at the Quickstep21 gmail address and ask him to pass it along to you.


    1. I was looking at some of the local beach club boats near me. The BIC open has a nice rudder. Parts may be available and adaptable.
      Zuma and Sunfish parts may be adaptable too. Loads of zuma and sunfish parts around.
      Even a single Hobie16 rudder/cam/arm could work. Probably quite well. And nearly indestructible. Plus by me they’re a dime a dozen.

      Of course you could make a rudder too.

  4. Also, did anyone make a dodger for their Q24? If so, I would love to see plans or atleast a pic of what works and looks good. Thx!!!

    1. Yes, we have a dodger which came with our QS 24 when we bought it used. We have replaced the vinyl windows and redone some of the stitching, but otherwise it has held up well. I do not know who made it. I will send a picture for posting to the Gallery.

  5. Hi everyone- 2 question. Where can i get new cabin side windows- mine are all crazed. Can a regular glass guy fabricate those out of plexy? Also- my forward hatch- do i have to replace it or can i get the glass/ plexy replaced?

      1. Also, did anyone make a dodger for their Q24? If so, I would love to see plans or atleast a pic of what works and looks good. Thx!!!

  6. Recently purchased a 21’ and searching for info on the dual/split mainsail sheet system and options for operation. Appreciate anyone willing to share photo and description/experience with their particular setup on subject.
    Much Appreciated any Help!
    Errol Horner CT

    1. The main sheet on our 21 is set up with what’s known as a Crosby main sheet system. Its big advantage is simplicity, and the fact that it keeps the cockpit free and open. We use the main sheet and the boom vang together to control the shape of the main and it works pretty well. I suspect racers wouldn’t be too satisfied with it, and would prefer a traveler, but for a boat like the 21 it’s nearly perfect. Here’s a link to a photo of our main sheet. I will post again shortly with a couple of links you might find interesting.

    2. Here are the other links I promised. The first is just a drawing of the Crosby rig and the second a discussion of using or not using a traveler to trim the main. You mentioned a split system. My understanding is that system actually uses two main sheets. One to port and another to starboard. In my opinion, that’s just too complicated for a 21, especially considering that the original rig when used with the boom vang works well enough.

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