Racing on Clinton Lake

Ahoy fellow Quickstep owners.  Here is the spot to exchange ideas, questions and answers, and your latest news with other Quickstep owners.  If you have photos or stories to post on the site, please email them to


  1. Hello Quickstep friends
    We have a Quickstep Scout that my father bought from Gary and while I love it, we live near the Hudson River in Westchester NY and no longer have the space or time it deserves.

    I am interested in donating it to a good home. It’s in fine shape, with the sails and small motor and the trailer which may need new tires but also is fine. It has been in my garage for years.

    Not sure of the best protocol to communicate about this but I love following your community here and thought it the best place to start.

    1. Hi I am a Quickstep 24 owner (and lover) your scout would be great for my niece who is just starting out in sailing. We would love to get her a boat! Do you have any pics? How should we proceed? James Varano 860.478.4068

  2. Hello – I have a 1988 QS 24, bought used several years ago, which I usually sail with a 135% Thurston jib. It has always had a significant windward helm in wind over 12-15 knots. Now that I’m retired,I’d like to do something about the problem and would appreciate any suggestions.

    1. You need to figure how to move the Q24 center of effort forward when it’s windy. Reducing heel by letting out the sails might work. I would experiment by letting out the main first.

  3. Hi everyone — we just bought a Quickstep 24 and need to repower. We are wondering about a Torqeedo electric motor—rated at 3 Hp which is claimed to be equivalent to 4 Hp gas. Any experience?

  4. I am looking at a 1989 Q-24 for sale. Is the keel lead encapsulated or bolt on? What is the reasonable maximum wind and wave height before one is in race mode and riding the rails? I have searched the web and did not find an answer. Thanks! Daymark

    1. The keel is encapsulated. I’m not sure about reasonable maximum wind, the boat is okay in 20 knots if you are careful. I drop the sails if the wing gets higher.

  5. Hi guys- I took my mast down for the season- has anyone had theirs painted? Any feedback would be appreciated. Did you use Awlgrip? DIY? Powdercoat? Costs? How does it hold up?

  6. Hi folks. I just bought a Scout today. Been looking for a small sailboat for a while and everything I’ve been finding is either a piece of crap or is above what I was willing to pay. Or both.
    This looks like a nice little boat. Excellent shape, bottom has almost no scratches on it and the sails are clean with bright colors. Needs cleaning, but that’s nothing. Nice clean trailer. Lights don’t work, but that’s easy.
    The only issue is the top of the rudder, where the bolt goes through, is split and it goes down about a foot. Could this be fixed with a couple of stainless mending plates or should I remove the hardware, cut along the split cleanly and glue it? The wood on either side of the split looks sound, so I’m leaning toward the glue repair.
    I like the idea that I’ve got a little boat that wasn’t mass-produced and was made less than 50 miles from my house.
    Looking forward to springtime and learning to sail again.

    1. Hey there – we have a scout too, sadly it’s been gathering dust in my garage but I plan to make use of it again someday once I have a little more time or retire.

      But what Dave just said made me convinced I need to keep her.

      Be well!

  7. Looking for information on the 11 foot quicksilver Scout. Is anyone have any first-hand knowledge on how well they sail, given their size. There is one for sale currently on craigslist at Bow, NH.

  8. Hello, it’s John Dyson from New York. Does anyone know who makes the stanchions on the Quickstep 24? I’m guessing it’s Schaefer Marine since a lot of the other hardware on the boat is Schaefer. One of my stanchions was bent when the boat went against the dock during Isaias.

      1. Thanks Chris, I wish I had known this sooner. I ended up buying 3 different stanchion bases online before I found one that matched the broken one. They are all similar dimensions but the details differ. The one I think matches is from Suncor.

        1. Sorry, if you post in the Q24 section and I think more people will see. You have to scroll all the way down thru all the posts to open a new post. Not a big deal but not obvious either. I’ve used Rigrite for many years and boats. They’re the best. Check them out at their main website to see all they offer. Great place but poor website. Much more than the link I pasted.
          Good to know the Suncor matches. Good stainless.

    1. Not really, I get the boatyard to do this. They put a cradle under the spreaders and lift the mast vertically. They are not that careful but so far have not hurt anything.

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