Fleet Register

Here are the boats that registered with the fleet (Current as of 9/12/14).  If you recognize errors in this list, please send the fleet a message.

Q21 Fleet

01 Trial Hull for builder

02 “Two-Step” Stephen Uhler, San Franciso Bay, California

05 “Bluebird” Bob Walker, Broad Creek, Deltaville, Virginia

08 Unk (Pictured in our gallery)

11 “Bailero” Steve Bodine, Apponaug, Rhode Island

12 “Fandango” Monty and Betsy Morris, Marblehead, Massachusetts

16 “Blazon” Terry and Lynn Frick , Lake Mendota, Madison, Wisconsin

17 “Quintessence” John and Barbara Cotnam, Pleasant Bay, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

18 “Marykate” Robin and Donna Kempson, Woodstock, Vermont

19 “Amos Te” Ken Bogen, Ypsilanti, Michigan

27 “Sarah”  Bill and Sarah Freyman  Egg Harbor, Wisconsin

28 “Carina” Bill Lipke Bill O’Conner, Lake Champlain, Burlington, Vermont

32 “Marisa T” Lynn Nye and Grandchildren, South Bay, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada

33 “Blue Moon” Tom and Kristen Siebenhuhner, Hinrod, New York

34 “Mintaka” Bob Ripley, Wickford, Rhode Island

37 “Crazy Curls” North Carolina

38 “Blue Belle” Mark and Evonne Peters, Marblehead, Massachusetts

40 Unk

NA “Kokomo” Destroyed in Hurricane Ophelia

NA “Fuer Elise” Massachusetts

Q14 Fleet

22 Pam King,

Q19 Fleet

04 Tom and Mary Perry, Kent Lake, Michigan

06 “Rust Ob Twist” Glenn and Debra Marshino, Indianapolis, Indiana

09 Scott Green, Nevada City, California

Q24 Fleet

167 “Joshua Brown” David Gordon, Hingham, Massachusetts

173 “Quitticus” Richard Bates, Mattapoisett, Massachusetts

NA “Masala Chai” Seth Thompson, Rockland, Maine


  1. Hi
    I am looking at “Viola” a Q24 in Urbanna Va. Anything I should be looking for? Sounds like motor mount may be a typical concern.

    We are planing to keep it on the Potomac in Colonial Beach.
    Any others around? Maybe on the Chesapeake?

  2. Hello,

    My husband & I are the owners of Hull #8 – Windspirit. We keep her moored in Apponaug Cove in Warwick, RI. We have had the boat since the Summer 2011. We sail it with our 4 children. Over the years I have notice more water leaking into the hull (bilge) while moored. The water doesn’t drain out when lifted out for winter storage but seeps in possibly through the center board area possibly where the pin sits to keep it in place. Since the water is below the bilge bump level I usually manually pump it before I sail. I have also checked for leaks & cant seem to see where the water is seeping in. The floor would have to be removed to investigate where I can’t see. I have run ground before but see no outside damage. I’m the 3rd owner of this boat. I noticed the water issue from the beginning but would like to rectify this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. This message is for Bob Walker of Deltaville Va. My wife and I are in the market for a Quickstep 24. The ones in which we are interested, are 800 to 1000 mi. away. Looking on this fleet registry it looks like that you may be the closest person to talk with and if you would agree, to look at your Quickstep. We live in Kinston, N.C.
    Art Thompson 252-521-3168

    1. Thanks for the potential Q24 owner contact – I’ll try to locate Bob Walker.

      I’ll bring Viola down the Chesapeake Bay from Rock Hall MD to Urbanna VA by the end of July.

      Q24 #14

    2. Art-
      My 1980 Quickstep 24 Hull #14 is for sale in Urbanna VA. Listing can be found on Boattrader.com
      Or call me 804-239-4167 Thursday PM

      Rob Waltenbaugh
      Richmond Va

  4. Hi All – I’m looking for a Q1 or Q24 in the MA/RI/CT area if anyone is interested selling this Spring.

    Scituate, MA

    1. Not ready tonpart with her yet but would be willing ti share for the season- she will probably be docked in new london ct for the summer- james 860.478.4068

  5. JoAnn and I have owned Jo, Q24 Hull #169 for the past year. We sail out of Newburyport, MA.

    1. Greetings all from a spanking new Q24 hull #14 owner. I was fortunate to find her in the upper Chesapeake Bay and will sail her home in July to Urbanna, VA on the Rappahannock River in the southern Ches Bay.
      A couple questions:
      1. How do I get added to the Q24 Fleet?
      2. Why are there so few Q24 owners registered? Weren’t ~ 200 built?
      3. Do any Q24 owners have a trailer from which you are able to use a ramp to launch each time you sail? Or does the draft and motor shaft (mine comes with a Yamaha 9.9 long shaft) prohibit launching this way like centerboarders are able to do?

  6. Hello. I’m the current owner of “Crazy Curls”, Quickstep 21, hull #37. Sadly I am looking to sell her. If anyone is interested I can provide more information and some pics.

  7. I have a quickstep 24 and was wondering if i could add a topping lift- is there a pulley at the top for that? Also, can the boat be modified to have a self tacking jib?

    1. James- I just purchased hull #14 and it has been modified with a topping lift. I’ve seen the boat once and it is 4 hrs away now but I’ll try to remember to take a photo when I see her next. It might be an extension wire from the backstay in lieu of a traditional working topping lift but it keeps the boom from being a head knocker.

  8. I just purchased a Q14, hull #22, built 1991. Haven’t sailed her yet, been fixing some leaks. Only photos I have so far are from the previous owner. When I’m finally up and sailing, I’ll post some photos.

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