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Sarah at Sturgeon Bay's Harbor Club Marina

Sarah at Sturgeon Bay’s Harbor Club Marina

Fairly regularly, folks comment on this site either offering their Quickstep for sale or seeking a boat to buy.   I’ve noticed that those comments get scattered on a number of pages and may not get noticed.  So to help make getting in touch with one another a bit easier, I’m adding this page and encouraging you to comment here if you are looking for a Quickstep or have one for sale.  I hope this helps.  Please limit comments here to potential purchases and good luck!

By the way, I tried to move all of the previously posted comments about available boats and buyers to this page, but the technology won’t permit it.  So feel free to write again if you want.



  1. I have a Q24 about 86′ vintage, The teak board that my outboard is mounted to cracked horizontally across- I am planning on replacing but was wondering if anyone has used a wood alternative? I’d hate to have it crack again and refinishing that piece of teak is cumbersome down there. BTW- its supporting a merc 4 stroke 8 hp

  2. I have a Q24 in Brooklyn, NY and a couple of years back I replaced the cabin roof because of wet core. I also replaced the mast step using a stainless steel plate. Thing is I’ve had water coming in from the mast step ever since. The water was/is entering through the hole that I had cut in the mast step for the VHF cable. At first I thought that the VHF cable clam was leaking and I called Blue Sea Systems who replaced it. No luck. I now think that a lot of water hits the mast when it rains, runs down the mast and then it’s makes its way under the stainless steel mast step plate. Anyone else have similar problems? Right now i’m buying a larger bucket to collect water.

  3. 1988 Quickstep 24 for sale by knowledgeable long term owner. Excellent condition. Dual axle, electric brake trailer. 1.5 seasons on new motor. Well maintained. Changing rides after many years. Only minor seasonal repairs required. Lots of extras. Stored completely covered under frame on trailer at my home during off seasons. Private sale. NO BROKER. Email Located NJ. 14.5K.
    Great gelcoat, Awlgripped nonskid 2017, Doyle main, furling 150 and symmetrical. Sails professionally maintained annually. 8hp Tohatsu, estart, 6 amp alt.’C Cushion’ cockpit cushions, Teak maintained, Completely upgraded rigging led to cockpit Harken, Spinock, and Andersen components. Stereo, Bruce anchor, on and on.
    Sorry but I will be inflexible on price. There are no hidden problems.

  4. Scout for sale! In enclosed storage since 1998, ready to sail this season.
    Sails destroyed in divorce. Thurston has new ones on the shelf in several colors.
    Please give a great boat a new home.
    Photos available.

    1. Paul, where are you located…anywhere near NJ? I love that sails destroyed in divorce bit….churns the imagination.

  5. Hello Quickstepers,

    I am the prior owner of number 123 made by Dyer (with a Shannon crew, I’m told) a beautiful diesel model, which I miss.

    I have two sails and a Fairclough cover for sale.

    1.Never used tanbark (red) hank on storm sail, very heavy duty. Luff 192” Leech 151” foot 82”.
    $250 seems reasonable but open to thoughts.

    2. Older, decent, never patched tanbark, hank on genoa. Luff 328 (27’4”) Foot 178” ( 14’ 10”).
    $200 seems reasonable, but open to thoughts.

    These were measured in my small living room and are close but not exact.

    These are in Boston.

    Feel free to contact me. David Rosmarin

  6. I am very interested in acquiring a Quickstep 24. If you have or know of one that might be for sale, please let me know. Ideally, with trailer, but not absolutely necessary. I live in upstate NY. Please contact Many thanks. Hoping to become a proud Q24 sailor soon. EP

  7. Here is a Q 24 for sale in NJ. This is a C.E. Ryder boat. It has good bones but bad cosmetics. Probably pick it up for 6 or 7k. For that price it is a deal. Wish I had the room for a second. I have seen this boat on the water for years. Needs serious cleaning, buffing etc
    Was still available as of this writing. Boat is located at Lockwood Boat Works in South Amboy NJ.

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