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Sarah at Sturgeon Bay's Harbor Club Marina

Sarah at Sturgeon Bay’s Harbor Club Marina

Fairly regularly, folks comment on this site either offering their Quickstep for sale or seeking a boat to buy.   I’ve noticed that those comments get scattered on a number of pages and may not get noticed.  So to help make getting in touch with one another a bit easier, I’m adding this page and encouraging you to comment here if you are looking for a Quickstep or have one for sale.  I hope this helps.  Please limit comments here to potential purchases and good luck!

By the way, I tried to move all of the previously posted comments about available boats and buyers to this page, but the technology won’t permit it.  So feel free to write again if you want.


  1. I have located a Quickstep Scout in SE MA that is available, but no sails. Does anyone have a set to sell?

    1. Thurston has sails for scout on the shelf. I also have a Scout for sale here in Kalamazoo, also sail free. Needs a good home, great condition. Please make an offer someone

    1. Brad, I have a 1989 QuickStep 24 that I’ve had for 7 years that I’ll be putting up for sale shortly. It’s located in Hull, MA but I do not have a trailer. I’d be happy to provide pictures and provide details on what is included if you are interested. My email is Best regards, Craig Robinson

  2. I think this was sent to the wrong Joe. I purchased a 1990 Quickstep 24 last November. I haven’t posted on the site since that time. Looks like the Joe you are looking for posted January 24, 2021.


  3. I just bought a 89 Qucikstep 24 and needs an outboard motor. I am planning on getting a Tohatsu Sail Pro 6 with either the 20” or 25” shaft. Does anyone have some advice on the best length of shaft or general advice on outboard motors. Thanks

    1. I’ve had a Yamaha 4 hp four stroke on my 18 foot sailboat and I’ve had an 8 hp Yamaha four stroke on precision 21. The biggest problem with outboard motors of this size is that gasoline with ethanol in it will cause water to gum up the carburetor and after a few seasons you’ll have an engine that won’t start. Treating the gasoline does not eliminate the problem. Running the engine dry at the end of the season does not eliminate the problem. Consider getting ethanol free gas at a local airport perhaps 5 gallons at a time so that you don’t have to deal with this problem. Otherwise plan on becoming an expert on cleaning out your carburetor yourself every few years. I had this done by an outboard dealer a couple of times and it takes forever to get scheduled and it’s very expensive to have them clean and rebuild the carburetor.

      Thanks to our government bailing out the farmers by allowing ethanol in our gas small outboards have been plagued with this problem.

      BTW In my opinion Yamaha four stroke outboards—especially the 4 hp which is a phenomenal engine— are the only engine I would ever consider for a small sailboat. Cost a little bit more but their performance and reliability is worth every penny.

  4. I recently purchased a Q24 and am preparing to put it on the hard for the winter. Has anyone devised a system for storing the unstepped mast on the boat for the winter? I want to pull the mast to inspect it and to facilitate covering it with a tarp. Pictures would be very helpful.

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